Journalsim 4470- Blog 8

Angel Bell

Journalism 4470- Blog 8

Ethics and My Career

The best thing I have learned all semester is that the application of ethics is practical. If understood, ethical models can be applied to one’s career and every day life.

I plan on assessing my decisions using the various ethical models surveyed in Journalism 4470. Instead of making decisions strictly based upon intuition, I will make an effort to back up my professional decisions with reputable information. Bosses tend to like informed decisions better than others.

I particularly like the Potter Box method of decision making. It identifies stakeholders, allows the decision maker to list all facts in an unbiased manner while listing applicable ethical theories. Every thing is put on paper.

In Public Relations, there are big and small decisions to be made each day. Clients may ask me to carry out certain activities that I may not agree with at first glance. With the decision making processes I have learned, I am now able to sit down and pick through the situation.

Instead of giving the client a negative answer, I may be able to come up with a more ethical plan and still meet objectives. It is possible the client may not have known the task they asked me to complete was unethical or may not have been aware of alternate methods to reach their desired outcome.

Working for a company requires me to be able to think about not only my interests and morals but the company’s also. Ethical models taught in Journalism 4470 have definitely changed my outlook on decision making. I am now fully equipped with the knowledge I need to make professional informed decisions I can defend.

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