Jour 4470- Blog 6

Angel Bell

Journalism 4470


Sharon Angell: Controversial Immigration Advertising

Picture it. A political candidate desires a seat in the U.S. Senate. Instead of appealing to the fastest growing people group in America, the candidate decides to release offensive ads about them. Is this a good idea?

Many would describe the latter action as plain stupid, but U.S. Senate candidate Sharon Angell felt this method was appropriate.

This year, Angell released anti-immigration advertisements depicting Latinos as terrorists. In the ad, brown skinned men crossed the border near a fence in tattered clothes on mischievous looks on t heir faces. The ad insinuated that illegal immigrants are responsible for American safety concerns and unemployment.

Angell’s ads coincide with the utilitarian approach where the ends justify the means. Obviously, she does not mind offending Latinos in order to get her party agenda across and win the election.  However, Insensitivity toward diverse groups may come back to bite her in the butt, especially when the offended group is a political powerhouse.

Angell could have been more sensitive to Latinos with a communitarian approach, choosing to uses tact instead of extremes could have made popular in the court of public opinion.  Her utilitarian approach may not only cost her the Latino vote, but the minority vote as well.



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