Jour 4460-Blog 13

Angel Bell

Journalism 4460

Tiger Woods’ PR Campaign

Tiger Woods released an apologetic essay in NewsWeek on November 22nd. In the essay, he apologized for his moral decline in the past couple of years.  The question is: Was this really an apology or a plea for some positive publicity?

Some believe the essay didn’t help improve his image. They did not feel his apology was sincere and described it as a “failed PR move (” Others may feel that since Tiger Woods’ press conference was inefficient, the essay was needed to improve his image. Either way, who can really blame the guy for trying?

The Tiger Woods’ case is a great example of what happens when PR is reactive instead of proactive. If he came clean before the press leaked his infidelity to the public, he may not have lost as many fans and endorsements at such a rapid pace. His refusal to address the allegations as soon as they hit the fan set him up for immediate destruction and mockery in the media.

Most of what Woods needs can be found in a competent PR team. With effective image building consultants and hard work, his reputation can be restored. It is definitely easier to repair the reputation of one who has changed than one who fakes an attitude change. If he is indeed a changed man, the PR team’s job will be easier.

Many celebrities have suffered from moral blunders and returned with a better image and reputation. If he is dedicated, he can get back on top. He is not the first celebrity to make a fool of himself and he definitely won’t be the last.

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