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Kanye West Gets Coached

Though PR people are underrated and barely appreciated, there comes a time when even the elite really need us. Even celebrities like opinionated (to the point of being rude)  Kanye West realize they may need to clean up their act in certain situations.

Many know Kanye because of his bold nature. From his willingness to jump on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to his bold comment about the president after Katrina, there is nothing he will not say or do to get his point across.

According to the New York Times, Kanye was scheduled to speak in response to Former President Bush’s interview on Monday night. In that interview Bush exclaimed that Kanye’s statement accusing him of not caring about black people was the most terrible moment of his presidency.

Kanye chose to consult Rubenstein Communications, Inc. to help him frame his answers in preparation for his “Today” show interview. I believe Kanye knew he needed to approach the situation delicately, and his natural nature doesn’t warrant him the ability to do so on his own. His decision to get a coach was a wise one, but …….guess what he did next.

Kanye’s team and media coach agreed to cancel the interview on Monday because they felt there was no reason for Kanye to address Bush’s comment. However, Kanye’s team recanted this decision and decided to go along with the interview Tuesday morning. His coach from Rubenstein had to rush to the studio to prep him.

Though his decision to get a coach was a good one, he did not follow through on his end of the bargain. A person like him should never do interviews without a substantial amount of coaching. Regardless of his efforts, his interview was extremely rocky and his snappy attitude shined through. More preparation could have made him more comfortable. One thing is for sure: it does not matter how much PR practitioners coach their clients for the media the client as to take responsibility for their own actions. Willingness to tone it down and be more eloquent in certain situations is the dividing factor when measuring preparation effectiveness.



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