Blog 10- Social Media

Angel Bell

Social Media is Not BS

HubSpot blogger Mike Volpe must have been having a bad day when he wrote Why Social Media is BS on November 2nd.  Is he serious?

I think the worst thing about the blog wasn’t necessarily his short, non-supported blog, but the dumb comments made by some people who actually believe like he does. I really hope these people do not have clients depending on them to make their business any better.

Obviously, this guy has not done any research about the effects of social media.

Maybe my blog will help him and anyone one else who denies the power of social media.

Here are some random facts about of social media:

(Read them and weep Mr. Volpe)

  1. 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews. (
  2. Social media played a major role in 2009 holiday shopping — 28% of U.S. shoppers say social media has influenced their purchases
  3. 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product
  4. 58% of people said if they tweet about a bad experience, they would like the company to respond to their comment

(Last three from

Though social media cannot make the product itself better, it does affect the way consumers view your product. Consumer perception of the product effects how much of it they buy because it I directly influenced by how their friends feel about it also. Everyone knows that certain “luxury” cars are not much better than a Honda, but because of the “status” associated with luxury brands, people buy them.


Social Media is not just a tool. It is one of the most important vehicles used by many companies to get into the public eye. Almost everyone I know participates in some type of social media, whether it is Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.  How they feel about anything usually goes on their personal and/or business pages. If a company is not monitoring public perception/opinion about their product or service, they will suffer greatly.

The bottom line is:  Companies need social media to satisfy various customer demands. Customers expect fast answers to their questions and on the go access to the products and services they want.  Get on the Social media bandwagon or get run over.



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