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Has GAP ever heard of Coca-Cola? : Rebranding Gone BAD

Another brand catastrophe has graced US soil. Gap changed their logo without warning their customers.

Maybe their CEO wasn’t around in 1985? This was the year Coca-Cola attempted to rebrand and reformulate a 100- year- old beverage. They prepared their customers for the change, but did not tell them the new formula would replace the old. This was not a good idea. Let’s just say, in 10 weeks the people caused such a ruckus, Coca-Cola was forced to give them back the original formula.

Companies need to learn and understand customers have psychological attachments to their brands. These attachments become stronger each year the company survives.

For GAP, The Helvetica type with a blue box in the right hand corner, struck many loyal customers as… cheap. Think about it, this cheap unattractive logo would be placed on all their shopping bags and some of their clothes. Shouldn’t the people carrying the bags and wearing the clothes have a say so?

Well, whether invited or not, the people cried out. Feedback flooded the Internet in the form of blogs, article comments and feedback on their Facebook page. Inevitably, the company changed the rebranding to a “crowd sourcing project.” This project encouraged consumers to submit new logos and reassure them that it would not change to the proposed logo. If you ask me, GAP did this to save its behind.

Companies must realize customers that buy the brand need to have some part in major decisions. They deserve to given fair warning about changes and told pertinent details. Without objective research, the change can and will cause public uproar.




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