Jour 4460- The “It” Campaign

Angel Bell


Breast Cancer Awareness -“I Like it Campaign”

I like it on the floor. I like it by the bed. I like it on the counter.

If you saw statuses like these flooding your mini feed, wouldn’t you be compelled to ask what “it” is?  Believe me, that is exactly what the creator wants you to do.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an anonymous source started the “I like it” campaign via Facebook. The “it” is a purse, but no one would know that without asking.

The goal is spark conversation about breast cancer. After engaging them in conversation, one would ideally forward the e-mail to friends. Recently, the campaign has gone viral.

Mashable author Benn Parr, believes the campaign has been so popular because of its “sexual connotations.”  I agree. Let’s be honest, did you think I was talking about a purse in first three sentences?

Sex gets attention. The anonymous creator simply used what people like, engage in and dream about to get what he/she desired.

Advertisements use this tactic every day to sell products or services. Some kind of way, even a Big Mac can be sexy. At least this time, it was for a good cause. It’s simply genius.

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