Jour 4460-Burning the Quran

Burning the Quran: The Media’s Response to Intolerance

Kill them all! They do not look like us or act like we do. They do not fit into our American dream.

Sound familiar?  From “Westward expansion” justified by refusal to acknowledge Indian presence to slavery and many years after Reconstruction, America hasn’t always been a “tolerant” country.

Why then is the media surprised by recent declarations of a Florida preacher to burn the Quran? Judging from past experiences, they should have been prepared for this type of dilemma.

“The Perils of Covering the Quran Burning” written by Brian Montopoli explores this dilemma in detail.

According to Montopoli, the dilemma has torn the media between covering the news and retaining American loyalty.

“(The Quran Burning) has left media outlets… with a decision to make: How to balance their responsibility to cover the news with their desire not to contribute to an event that may well put soldiers and civilians at risk.”

By Monday, “Death to America” chants resonated in Afghanistan and U.S. officials and representatives are sure this event will be used to justify violence (Gen. David Petreus via Perils).

Some news outlets have decided not to show pictures of the Quran being burned. Others have chosen to cover the story in an objective manner or from a different perspective (Perils).

Terrorism in America did not begin with 9/11. Terrorist groups such as the KKK have been torturing various  groups for over 100 years. Indians were thrown from their lands, not counted as citizens and forced from their way of life for the sake of capitalism in the 1800’s. Now, since all races are adversely affected by terrorist attacks, the media decides to think about the effect their coverage could have on civilians.

Though I am pleased with media precautions, I do not understand why it has taken this long for “the dilemma” to become important enough to discuss.


Brian Montopoli. “The Perils of Covering the Quran Burning.”

by: Angel Bell

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